Privacy Statement

The Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation / Bay State Games is committed
to protecting your privacy. This policy discloses our information use policies
and practices in detail. Please read it to learn more about the ways we protect the
information we collect.


The policy applies to you. The descriptions in this policy apply to our relationships
with individual consumers who inquire about and/or obtain products or services from
Bay State Games.

Strict security measures
Bay State Games takes the security of information very seriously and has established
security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to customer
information. These standards exist for both our physical facilities and our online
services. All credit card information related to Bay State Games on line registration
is administered by a PCI Compliant Service Provider. Credit card information is not
collected or received by the Bay State Games related to online registration.

Bay State Games collects information about you to:
. Accurately identify you
. Enable us to administer your participation in Bay State Games events
. Help us design or improve our products and services
. Offer you quality products and services

We collect information from:
. You (from applications and other forms and information that you provide to us),
such as your name, address and other contact information
. Your transactions with Bay State Games, such as your application or merchandise

The sharing of information
Bay State Games may provide a participant’s contact information to sponsors, event
partners, accredited media, college coaches, scouts and scouting services, and for
entry into the State Games of America.

Sharing within the Bay State Games family
Bay State Games will from time to time send information on additional programs
of the Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation to current and past participants.

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